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Why Vietnam?

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Vietnam is an Emerging Market and extremely desirable country to do business with.

It is a rapidly expanding trade and commerce hub that produces high quality, well constructed products. In 2001, the Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) was signed, which marked the start of trade relations between the United States and Vietnam. Since then, the demand for products produced in Vietnam, especially wood indoor furniture, wood outdoor furniture, handicrafts and home decor items such as baskets, lacquerware, ceramics and textiles have become some of the country's main exports. Living Richly prides itself on our use of FSC approved factories for wood furniture and wood home accent pieces.

The exceptional craftsmanship of Vietnam products are immediately evident compared with similar pieces from competing countries. Vietnam's low labor rate, (especially in comparison to China, whose average wages increased 15% in the past year) combined with Living Richly International's outstanding Sourcing, Design and Quality Control teams, provide our customers with peace of mind that orders placed will be designed, manufactured, quality assured and delivered on time. Factories used by Living Richly are all within close proximity to shipping ports, saving you time and additional shipping costs.

Contact rbecker@livingRichlyweb.com for information on how we can help your company do business in Vietnam.

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